Ways to Find Human Interaction in Our Remote World

This article confirms the negative impact of isolation. Working from home is isolating, and we need to discuss this for the sake of our health and survival.

There are numerous articles about the importance of connecting with people while you work remotely or as an entrepreneur. There are a few companies that are doing an excellent job at bridging the isolation gap. WeWork is an example of an organization that creates co-working spaces to make sure that we do have human interaction—after all, getting up in the morning and dressing up for work are priceless!

NeueHouse is another organization that provides a community to folks who work alone.

There are other technologies, such as Double 2, that give you the ability to stay connected while being remote. It lets you show up at work virtually on the East Coast while you live on the West Coast or anywhere else in the world. It’s a unique concept, and there are great examples to support this solution.

These organizations are doing the right thing, but this setting may not work for some employees who work for larger corporations, whose confidential projects require them to have an office space or for whom the cost of renting the facility may not be reimbursable. Also, there are other challenges, such as managing the kids’ drop-off and pick-up schedules, as well as other household responsibilities that require them to be at home.

To address some of these difficulties, I have another option that will provide the necessary human interaction. Go for a walk with other remote employees in your area, or find other parents to connect with while your kids are doing their sports activities. This way, you don’t have to worry about leaking confidential company information or being late for pick-up. I have found this to be an excellent way to connect, along with volunteering, when time permits.

What other ways have you found to connect with people? Please share.