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A Coffee Shop Equivalent for Introverted Telecommuters

I hear remote employees talk about going to a coffee shop often. I am sure it is a great way to change things up a little, but it is not for me. I am an introvert, so I prefer discreet places.

If you are an introvert try these venues instead and share your experiences:

Library: A quiet place with books everywhere—what could be better! Days I need to focus on important presentations, documentation, etc. I go to the library.

Bookstore: Very similar to a library so if a bookstore is closer for you choose the store. I try to find the silent spot at the back of the store. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy your time.

Park: Being in nature is overall good for our health, but I find it leads to more creativity for me. Take your note book, laptop and sit out in the sun, feel the breeze and enjoy the sounds of nature.

Backyard: Sitting in your backyard and using your WiFi is another option. It will be a change of scenery, and you can stay in your PJs if you prefer!

Balcony: if you live in a city, your balcony can be your go to space for focus time—far away from your office setting but close enough to keep you comfortable.

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